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At Good Drink . .  ‘ We add flavor to life! ’

About Us


Founded by a group of good friends in early 2018, Good Drink 2018 Co., Ltd. is a young, vibrate company that specializes in producing and importing only the finest food and beverages. Our products include Churn, a luxury, homemade ice cream, and Lauretana, mineral water imported from Italy.

We always put our customers first and offer only the best available products.  To ensure our Churn ice cream truly represents a superior taste experience, we have used great care and diligence in selecting and working with the best suppliers available.  The result is unique, healthy, and delicious products available at affordable prices. To meet the demands and desires of this important customer set, we believe it is necessary and essential that we offer exceptional products and services while striving to meet the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and social responsibility. 

Like the attention to detail we have invested in Churn, we carefully studied and evaluated Lauretana mineral water for nearly a year before deciding to bring it into the country.  The uniqueness of Lauretana is based on its mineral characteristics and the water’s origin. Lauretana is considered Europe’s ‘lightest, natural, mineral water’ and is available in both still and sparkling versions.

At Good Drink, we focus on bringing to all our customers the quality products and experiences demanded by the young generation. As a food producer and importer, we assume full responsibility for the safety of our food, assuring that the next generation of customers eats and drinks better every day.

Our products

Lauretana Mineral Water

Nerea Mineral Water

Sibilla Mineral Water

Churn Homemade Ice Cream

Contact Us

For more information on our delightful, homemade Churn Ice Cream or our crystal clear, imported Lauretana Mineral Water, please contact us at

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48 Soi Pho Kaew 3 Yeak 6/1
Khlong Chan, Bang kapi, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
Tel/Fax: 0 2227 0150
Mobile: 092 414 5271

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